Really great service from Fresher Cleaning! The girls were on time and did a thorough job cleaning my bachelor apartment. I was moving out and had them clean my place for inspection. It passed without any issues due to the fine work. A real time saver for me as I was busy with work and didn`t have time to clean my place before moving. Highly recommend this company! Great job!!

Dave T.

I’m so happy to have a clean condo again – it hasn’t looked this good in over a year. I want to have someone come regulary and I’d very much like the same team. They were even nice to my little dog!

Margeaux N.

The cleaning staff were very personable and polite; lovely ladies, always a pleasure to deal with. Cleaning was great, if not perfect. Excellent job in the washrooms. Thanks for a job well done!

Nathan S.

I was quite impressed with the cleaning service we had when we were moving out of our house. The ladies were very thorough and I wasn’t left with anything to do after they were done cleaning. Thank you.

Jenny C.

The cleaners always do a great job! I am very happy with the service and have come to rely on them.

Jane K.

I did not catch the names of the two women you sent to my home but they were the most prompt, hardworking , nicest, maids I’ve had here this is the first time I’ve been 100% satisfied with a cleaning service. I wish I had more money on me to have left a big tip!! Great job and thank you. I can’t wait until my wife comes home and sees our beautiful home!

Chris R.

We are recovering from an apartment flooding and your team cleaned up a big mess left by the restoration guys. They were cheerful and efficient, and helped make our place feel like home again. Thanks!

Cheryl N.

I was very happy with the work and will be hiring your company for any future cleaning needs I have.

Asantwa O.